Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Website Story-Seal

The new Syracuse franchise of the American Basketball Association just announced the roster that will begin play in early November, but fans could be very unfamiliar with who is playing on the team. The Syracuse Raging Bulls website has not put up the pictures of the players who will represent the franchise in just over a month, only a list of names.
The fledgling franchise is charging up to $324 for season tickets (payment is available through the website) and has clearly spent time on the website as evidenced by the flashy opening. Until pictures are placed on the website, fans must settle for knowing the names, but not the faces of the latest professional sports franchise in the Syracuse area.


Anala Tuenge said...
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Anala Tuenge said...

Nice job, Brad! I think you picked an interesting topic. The links were good because they demonstrated your point. I agree that pictures would make the team appear more interesting. On the website, the section devoted to players asks vistors to check out pictures from tryouts, but there aren't a lot of pictures of actual players, and the ones that are there aren't easy to make out. There are brief biographical blurbs for the players, but, like you, I would care more about them and the team if I could put faces with the names.