Friday, October 5, 2007

Onondaga County Parks

The beautiful fall weather is luring people outdoors and it is the perfect time to spend a day at an Onondaga County park. The Onondaga County website has a link to Onondaga Parks, where activities and upcoming events are listed.

On October 6th and 7th, the Syracuse Biathlon Club will hold its NY/PA/NJ Biathlon Championship. The Upstate Herpetological Association (UHA) will host a Reptile and Amphibian Exhibition at Beaver Lake on October 6th. From now until mid-November, children and adults can take part in "Trail Tales," where they go on a nature walk at the Beaver Lake Nature Center while hearing stories. Columbus Day at Beaver Lake will include live animal talks by naturalists and a guided walk on migration, and guests will be able to see trees boast beautiful fall colors. On the Onondaga County Parks website, there is also information about water-front parks and cross-country skiing, sports facilities, hiking trails, and more.

The website also explains the various group programs the park has to offer for schools and churches. For those wishing to get involved with Onondaga County parks, the website lists job and volunteer opportunties that are currently available. If anyone wants to know more about what it's like to experience an Onondaga Park, he or she could read the testimonials posted on the website.

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This was an informative story. Your hyper-links walked a fine line of useful and excessive, but you did a good job. You seemed to kind of switch thoughts on what you you were talking about, but it did tie in.