Friday, October 5, 2007

Everyone's a Critic

Local high school football fans are becoming every day sports analysts as the post in the High School Football Forum. When you read through the forum, most posters give suggestions that they are the dads of high school football players. These posters can be helpful in adding links to webcasts of Friday night games but most are very critical. No longer is it enough to criticize your own son in his bedroom after a game, but parents now can get on the web and criticize everyone else's son.

The current debate is on Westhill High School scoring 90 points last week. This slaughter has led the National High School Football Federation to look at making changes to the rules when one team is up by more than 35 points. Forum posters have different ideas on the subject and are very vocal about them. One poster said the Westhill team has "No class." Other posters defended Westhill. These posters said that the players couldn't help that they are dominantly better than the others. Over 20 posts are dedicated to this subject, with posters alluding to others as stupid.

Football is not the only forum for overly critical parents to post their thoughts. offers forums for every high school sport, even for cheerleading and band. The site says that users must be at least 13 years old to post, meaning that if players wanted, they too could post to defend themselves.

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Ted Johnsen said...

Great find Kristin. This site is very interesting. I always love seeing what crazy high school fanatics are saying.

Good work!