Friday, October 12, 2007


Mike Hart is a good running back. The Syracuse native has made a name for himself around the country, and is putting Central New York on the map as a untapped recruiting ground for college football programs around the country.

Hart has paved the way for another Central New York running back, hails from the same high school as him. Enter, Latavius Murray. Murray is one of the top high school running backs in the country, and colleges are licking their chops to get him.

Maryland, Connecticut, University of Central Florida and Boston College are just a few of the schools who want Murray. according to the Post-Standard newspaper, Murray is getting a lot of his college advice from a good friend, Mike Hart.

Murray has some time before he has to make his decision on where he is going. Whats most important is will he be able to help keep Central New York on the recruiting map, and will he keep the tradition that Mike Hart has started with him, and help the younger stars.


Brad Seal said...

It doesn't bode well for the Syracuse area when the best prospect in years is still only ranked the 65th best player on Still, I hope Mike Hart doesn't try to recruit Murray to Michigan. I'd like to see him wearing some orange and blue next year.

Kristin Gold said...

While the Post Standard attribution is a good touch, the link takes you to a daily updated site so I can no longer see the original article you were referring to.

In regards to your link and Brad's comment, if you look at New York top 10 prospects you realize that while it's cool that Murray has a link to a heisman candidate, Marcus Sales of Christian Brothers Academy is ranked 2nd in New York 43rd overall according to And while Murray may have advice from Hart, Michigan is not listed on the college choices list. It is interesting to note that Murray and Sales are both being recruited/talking with (the list does not make that clear) by SU, Pitt, Virginia and BC.

Doug Plagens said...

I like; I had never been there. And when you first mentioned CNY as an untapped area for recruiting, I wondered. But I looked at the list of top-10 prospects from New York, and CNY is represented nicely, with players from Syracuse, Auburn, Utica, and of course Nedrow, where Murray plays.

Local recruiting is the key to getting a program back up and running. Too bad Syracuse wasn't in the market for Butch Davis a while back.

I had to drop in a Miami reference. This story could go more in-depth, but it taught me about a nice little website.

Alex Reed said...

I always like knowing about potential future superstars before they hit it big and that's why I had to check this kid out. One thing that caught my eye though is that he's listed at 6'3. Traditionally, it's a bit tougher for backs that tall because the short ones can kind of hide behind the o-line. I remember when Chris Brown, who is 6'3, came to the Titans and that was a concern about him. Then again, Eddie George was another tall back and his career turned out just fine.