Friday, October 12, 2007

The Scottish are coming.

Everyone needs to get away. And sometimes that getaway isn’t too far away. Those living in Syracuse can go about 30 minutes south to Cazenovia. The main draw in the town is Cazenovia Lake. In the summer, the lake is filled with boaters. The cooler months attract those looking for the quiet tranquility of a still lake.

One place to enjoy the fall and the winter is the Brae Loch Inn. According the Brae Loch's website, the Inn was originally built in 1805 as a "stately home" for the Barr Family. Since 1950, it has been open to the public as a bed and breakfast and restaurant. The family has a Scottish background and the quaint rooms and the restaurant's menu lends itself to this tradition.

Starting last weekend, a Sunday brunch is offered for the rest of the fall and winter. Afterwards, guests at the Inn can relax in front of the fireplace or in the Jacuzzi in one of the Scottish themed guest rooms. The Inn offers packages for couples like the "Romantic Scottish Escape." There is even an old-fashioned game room with a dart board and pool table that has seen decades of guests.


Brad Seal said...

It looks like a beautiful place to stay. They seem to stray from the Scottish theme they set up though. I checked out the menu and found Italian food, Escargot, and other items I'm pretty sure aren't of Scottish lore.

Plus, they don't have a beer and ale menu! How can they call themselves Scottish without ale!? I'm at a loss. Good info though.

Nate Lull said...

I drive through Cazenovia on my way to Syracuse and I have always wondered about this place - so your story really stood out to me.

The link to the Barr Family information was great - really gives the reader a background about why the building was originally built.

I agree with Brad, the menu confuses me a bit, but you give all the information a person would need if they wanted to get in contact with this place about eating there or staying there - nice job!

Andrea Berry said...

This looks so lovely and cozy. It seems perfect for a fall weekend get-a-way! I am in love with authentic looking pubs and even if they do serve escargo (which is tasty even if it isn't Scottish) I'd stay for a few rounds. Thanks for the historic links too, I never tire of looking at old photographs.