Thursday, October 4, 2007

Halloween not so scary

Police officers in the town of Manlius won't have much dressing up to do this Halloween, they can wear their uniforms. The Manlius police are sponsoring a Halloween Safety Night for children. Teaching children how to stay safe and travel in groups are some of the goals the Manlius police hope to achieve. They also hope the kids will use these lessons not just on the spooky holiday, but incorporate them every day of their lives.

Halloween safety is a huge concern for many parents and children. That's why over 200 people showed up to the event last year. This year the Manlius police are expecting an even bigger crowd. Along with safety tips, children and parents can expect to recieve free food, glow sticks, ID cards and tours of the police station.

The event takes place on October 17th at the Manlius Police Department. The Halloween Safety night begins a 5:30 and will end around 8:00 in the evening. For more information, visit urbancny or the Daily Orange's website.

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Andrea Berry said...

This story is both pertinent and interesting. Great that you were able to find a photo to use - right away the reader gets a sense of the subject matter. Though the links point to where they are supposed to go, the article doesn't elaborate on what you're writing about (though informative). The link doesn't provide anything related to your story. I enjoyed reading your story all the same.