Thursday, October 4, 2007

New Art Exhibition in Syracuse

The Company Gallery on West Fayette Street in Syracuse has just opened a new art exhibit. Called "Alterity," the exhibit features twenty works of art that are all considered to be non-traditional. Information about the exhibit, available on, says that ThINC, an art gallery, is overseeing the exhibit.

Some of the works were created by autistic artists and people suffering from schizophrenia. Other works represent what the sponsor, ThINC, calls “compulsive agendas.” Three such works were created by artist Edward Nagrodzki. They are said to express Nagrodzki’s protest of taxes. The exhibition also features some works created by local prison inmates, through a program at the Center for Community Alternatives in Syracuse.

For art enthusiasts, there may be some recognizable works on display as well. Several works at the exhibition came to Syracuse from New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. Among these are drawings by Dan Miller, who was recently featured at the White Columns Gallery.

“Alterity” will be on display through October 19 and is open to the public. Admission is free. For more information about other art galleries and exhibitions in the Syracuse area, visit, which features a directory.


Megan Eaton said...

Your article is pretty interesting. I first wondered what non-traditional meant, but as I read further I thought it sounded like a really interesting theme for an exhibit. I like most of your links, however one is under construction which doesn't really tell me anything. But you have lots of links, which is good:) I think it was well-written and you seemed to have gathered a lot of information!

Megan Eaton said...

one other question if i were interested in this gallery how would i find it online? would i go to the ThINC link on the or is it on another page?