Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ready For Flu Season?

Despite the heat that has graced this fall, its time once again to prepare for flu season. While most of us have put off packing away our summer clothes, the Onondaga County Health Department is working hard to supply central New Yorkers with tips on how to combat the unpleasantness our colder weather unleashes.

Included in their preparedness checklist are tips for the workplace, for school and how to safeguard your home to fight those nasty germs that are often carried home. For those of us that tend to take our chances during flu season, the website offers a checklist of easy, everyday things we can do to stay healthy this winter. So, enjoy the warmth while it lasts because before we know it we'll all be grabbing for those tissue boxes.

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Karin Davenport said...

Andrea! Hi! :) I thought the sites you linked to were really useful- especially the checklist of what people can do to help prevent themselves from getting the flu!

I think your blog posting here might have been a little more interesting if you had given a few examples of what people could do to protect themselves from the flu... that way, people who don't have time to click around on other sites will still see what you're trying to get them to see.

I like that you used a conversational tone... that made it interesting to read. I was just a little confused when you said "For those of us that tend to take our chances during flu season." How do you take your chances? By not getting a flu shot? Anyway, good job!