Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore: Global Warming, Central New York, and the Presidency

Al Gore calls himself a retired politician. Ever since he narrowly lost the 2000 election, he's been making a name for himself in a different arena: global warming. He has delivered his slide show presentation thousands of times, all over the country. This presentation raises awareness about the Global Warming issue. His movie An Inconvenient Truth won two Academy Awards. Today, he picked up another honor: the Nobel Peace Prize.

Gore's efforts in the fight against global warming are particularly important to Central New York. The city of Syracuse recently celebrated its six-month anniversary for its first fleet of hybrid buses. Also, a month ago the Syracuse Common Council unanimously passed a bill requiring all municipal building projects to adhere to "green" building standards.

Recently, there has been a major push to get Al Gore to run for President in 2008. The group,, recently bought a full-page add in the New York Times. This marked a major effort to urge Gore to run for office. While Gore has said he has no intentions of running for president, he still hasn't completely ruled himself out.


Chelsea Pizzi said...


I think you did a nice job of connecting the three topics about Gore together; however, I would have liked if you would have elaborated a little more on the Peace Prize--only because it had been news at the time you were writing the story.

I liked your link to the hybrid buses, because I actually didn't know the buses are hybrids...but I would have liked to know a little more about them, too.

Overall, nice job--it kept my attention from beginning to the end.

Anala Tuenge said...


I think you did a nice job with this. I especially enjoyed the link to the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course I'd heard of the Nobel Organization, but I didn't know its history or all the different fields in which it recognizes excellence. I thought it was interesting that every Nobel Prize winner receives 10,000,000 Swedish kronors, which, accoording to yahoo's currency converter, equals just over 1.5 million U.S. dollars! I also enjoyed reading about previous winners. I didn't know Desmond Tutu won the Peace Prize the year I was born. Good work, I definitely learned something new from the links.