Friday, October 5, 2007

Making Reporters' Lives Easy, One Idea at Time

There is a website that is revolutionizing the way reporters come up with their own story ideas. The site called "Al's Morning Meeting" is designed to provide local news reporters with national story topics that can be applied locally.

Reporters have long had problems with creating good story ideas. But Al Tompkins has tailored this website to ease some of those problems. His daily columns provide reporters with national ideas that can be applied locally. Tompkins is not new to the news business. He consults for many local TV stations, and is a member of several state broadcasters association.

One of his major story ideas last week dealt with the recent rise in A-T-M fees at the Bank of America. This is a story idea that can be applied locally. A-T-M's affect everyone, and that's why it can be applied locally.

Al's Morning Meeting is sponsored by The Poynter Institute based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Anyone can subscribe to the site and receive daily emails. Or, you can click here to visit the site.


amk said...
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amk said...
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Ashley Kalena said...

Your writing is conversational. However, you lost me at the end a little bit when you started discussing ATM fees. I know you were trying to pull a story from the Al's Morning Meeting website, however, if you were going to discuss it like you did, there should have been more links.

It was informative in that it gave me a new place to look for stories. I also liked the title of the showed some creative thinking.