Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trent Green- Enough is Enough--Seal

Miami Dolphin quarterback Trent Green may end up being compared to former NFL greats Steve Young and Troy Aikman when this season is done. Unfortunately for Green, the comparison won't be based on ability.

Green left the field on a stretcher last Sunday after he sustained his second major concussion in just over a year. Young and Aikman both were forced to retire after receiving multiple concussions during the latter part of their careers. Medical reports have shown that the more concussions a player receives, the more likely they are to get another one in the future. These concussions can also cause long term mental problems for retired NFL players. Now that Green has suffered two concussions in a short period of time, he must make a decision whether he wants to keep playing, or follow the lead of two NFL Hall of Fame players who left the game in the interest of their health.


Nate Lull said...

Brad - I like this story a lot. Concussions seem to be happening more often for some reason - but I still didn't know much about it all - in terms of medical information.

Your link to WebMD is excellent and after I read that article I thought I had a better understanding of what exactly a concussion is.

Relating it to Steve Young and Troy Aikman is good as well - perhaps for their links you could have found something that talked about their concussions instead of just their stats - but no big deal on that - overall, I really liked it.

Matt Schultz said...

This story seems oddly familiar to me. So I had to comment. I like the link to, which provides good background on Green. You also took a different angle than I did, which made it less repetitive. Where did you find the pic of Green on the stretcher? I couldn't find one in the public domain, so I was stuck with the concussion sketch.

Kristin Gold said...

So sad that another had to suffer the same fate as the wonderful Steve Young. The link to WebMD is great. I kept clicking on the video explanations of the injuries. While I've heard of turf toe I never understood what it meant. I can't believe players are seriously injured by a jammed toe. If they announced on ESPN that Brett Farve was out with a jammed toe people would think he was a wuss, but if the analysts say "turf toe" it sounds like a more serious football injury. How many players are actually out right now with these kinds of injuries (concusions specificially for your article)? That would be an interesting fact/link you could put in. But mentioning Young and Aikman was a good touch.